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luka turmanidze

A crew member found some small oil leaks from the glands of the suction and delivery valves of the fuel circulation pump on both generators. He took it upon himself to stop the leaks by adding gland packing, but he was working alone and had not informed anyone else of his plans. 

Once the work had been completed on one generator, he started the pump to ensure the leak had been corrected. After confirming there was no oil leak from the valve gland, he started to work on the valves of the other generator, but neglected to stop the pump. When he slackened the gland of the delivery valve to install the gland packing, hot oil splashed on to his face and body. 

As a result of the incident, he received first and second degree burns to many parts of his body including his face, ear, left arm and left hand. 

Lessons learned:

• Although this accident may still have happened even had the crew member been working with someone else, it is often advisable to work on such projects as a team. Mistakes are more likely to be caught before negative consequences occur. 
• Always inform your superior about work that is not planned but that you see as necessary - never improvise. 
• Work methodically and continue to do a running risk assessment as you accomplish the task at hand. 
• PPE, PPE, PPE!!